We are pleased to announce that as from 31st March 2019, Jackie and Mark will be taking over the reins of, and we know you will be in good hands.

When we created our Home Exchange for Travel website in October 2009, the idea was to keep us busy in our upcoming retirement and it has certainly succeeded in that aim. However, we believe it is now time for a fresh approach to help take the website to the next level, to enlist more members, and give you an even greater choice of homes to swap.

As the founders of Home Exchange 50plus it has been an exciting journey, and the idea of creating a Home Exchange site for those of us who are on the plus side of 50 was the right approach. It has been great to share this wonderful way to travel with you. Thank you for your valued membership.

You can still contact us over the coming few weeks via

We will no longer be running the show, but will certainly be looking to travel more.

Thank you again for being a member.

All the very best and stay well.

Brian & Tina

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