About Home Exchange 50plus

Home Exchange 50plus was launched in late 2009 as a long-term project to keep us busy in retirement, and we are pleased to say it is doing exactly that. In 2015 we realised that, like its founders, it was creaking a bit at the seams, so decided to have a total rebuild and you are now looking at the end result.

Once Home Exchange 50plus became more established we were approached by a number of other Home Exchange websites asking us to ‘partner up’ with them, resulting in us having agreements with two other websites, allowing us to offer our members access to a wider range of homes at no additional cost.

Our members now receive a free one-year membership of two other home swap websites, one of which uses a credit based system for vacation homes only. Both are long established Home Exchange clubs and like ourselves, are paid-membership websites with worldwide listings (over 6,000 between them), although not exclusively for the older traveller. You save over £145 / $235 on annual membership fees with this great offer.

In addition we have more recently partnered with the Rotarian Home Exchange Fellowship to enable Rotarians worldwide to swap homes with fellow Rotarians.

About Us

Home Exchange 50plusWe created this Home Exchange website as we love to travel and swapping homes is a great way to do it. As we fit into the 50plus age range, we thought why not cater for this specific group?

We live in London but are Scottish, both having left Scotland many years ago, though returning often for holidays and family reunions and, like many of you, we are “empty nesters”.

Brian is a keen golfer, when his back allows him to play, hence the golf section. Catriona, who isn’t into golf, likes all things cultural and historical, so we try to combine both for our holidays.

We hope you like our website and we look forward to you joining us. Please let us know what you think – good or bad. Email us with your thoughts and any suggestions about what you would like us to include, update or change.

About our Members

Members of Home Exchange 50plus come from all walks of life and are keen to travel more as they get older. Some are widely travelled already but wish to explore the world further or to spend longer in places they have visited before. Others have far-flung families whom they want to visit, weddings and christenings to attend, or reunions to organise. Some even wish to travel to new locations to help with retirement decisions or, indeed, spend their retirement travelling the world courtesy of Home Exchange.

About You

You are over 50, like to travel and would like to do more of it, and see Home Exchange as a great way of doing so. You may be an experienced home swapper and wish to exchange now with people in your own age group with similar ideas and tastes. Or you might be completely new to the idea, but friends have told you that it is a great concept, and you wish to try it for yourself.