About Home Exchange 50plus

Home Exchange 50plus was launched in late 2009 as a project to keep Brian and Catriona, our lovely founders, busy in retirement and we are pleased to say it did exactly that.

Since those early days, the idea of exchanging your home with like mind travellers has become very popular.  The scheme allows you to borrow your guest’s home so you can live like a local whilst on holiday and is a great way to travel without the expense of traditional accommodation costs.  If you have a second holiday home it is a great arrangement as you can organise an exchange any time your property is available.

Once Home Exchange 50plus became more established we were approached by another Home Vacation Exchange website asking us to ‘partner up’ with them. This agreement allows us to offer our members access to a wider range of homes at no additional cost.

Our members now receive a free one-year membership of this website, which primarily uses a credit based swap system. It is a long established Home Exchange club and like ourselves, is a paid-membership website with worldwide listings although not exclusively for the older traveller.

About Us

About Home Exchange 50plus Home Exchange 50plusWe live in Twickenham, on the edge of London, just round the corner to Brian and Catriona, the founders of this holiday home exchange website, pictured on the right.  We love to travel and swapping homes is a great way to do it. We fit into the 50plus age range, so when the opportunity arose to help Brian to find more time to play golf we loved the idea of catering for this specific group.

Like many of you, we have older children, though we are not quite yet “empty nesters” we are heading in that direction pretty fast, with a daughter just started university and a teenage son.  We have always loved to travel and although this slowed down quite a lot once we had Hannah, we did take her to New Zealand when she was six months’ old, via Singapore, to see her lovely aunt and uncle.  It was quite different travelling with a baby but everyone was amazingly kind and we found it amusing to see the impact our young people had on our travels.

Our kids got their first backpacks aged 6 and 3 and we have taught them how to travel well, ask for help from the locals, try different foods and languages, explore using public transport and go to places away from the main tourist traps.  They have loved this and it has been an amazing gift to share with our kids.  As they grow older and head off on their own, we are planning lots more trips and are building a little flat over our garage so that we can more easily organise some home swaps.  We can’t wait for it to be finished this summer so that we can welcome some lovely people to our wonderful town.  We look forward to seeing some of you one day in Twickenham, so About Home Exchange 50plus Home Exchange 50plusyou can explore London, Hampton Court, Windsor Castle, the River Thames, Kew Gardens, Strawberry Hill House and perhaps even Wimbledon.  We are surrounded by wonderful places within an easy walk, bus , bike or train ride.

We hope you like our website and we look forward to you joining us. Please let us know what you think – good or bad. Email us with your thoughts and any suggestions about what you would like us to include, update or change.

About our MembersAbout Home Exchange 50plus Home Exchange 50plus

Members of Home Exchange 50plus come from all walks of life and are keen to travel more. Although widely travelled already some wish to explore the world further. Others wish to spend longer in places they have visited before. Many have far-flung families whom they want to visit, weddings and christenings to attend, or reunions to organise. Some even wish to travel to new locations to help with retirement decisions or, indeed, spend their retirement travelling the world courtesy of Home Exchange.

About You

You are over 50, like to travel and would like to do more of it and you see Home Exchange as a great way of doing so. You may be an experienced home swapper and wish to exchange now with people in your own age group with similar ideas and tastes. Or you might be completely new to the idea, but friends have told you that it is a great concept, and you wish to try it for yourself.

If you are not yet a member, join us today and start swapping homes around the world. JOIN…