Home Exchange for seniors


"Dear Brian,
We have had two great home exchanges with people in Australia earlier in the year and they both came to us in our Swedish summer. Thanks for such a good site! 
All the best"


"We are enjoying a home exchange at the moment,  we are currently staying in Weston super mare and our exchange partners are in our home in Perth.  We have enjoyed being members of your exchange site and are hoping for many years of exchanges with our fellow travellers.

Have a great New Year to. Best wishes"


Tim and Cathy

"May we take this opportunity to thank you for our membership, on what we consider to be a most professional, and easy to use top of the range facility. Sincere regards."

Annette & Bob

"Hello Brian and Catriona. Congratulations on a fabulous retirement project. My wife Cathy and I are very grateful you started this project. We are coming to England on an exchange this Christmas and are very much looking forward to that, never having had a white Christmas. Well done and best wishes."

Cathy and Tim

"I am doing well with my swaps for 2015 and certainly spread the word to friends to look at your site for joining when planning their next trip.  I have appreciated your help in the past and look forward to seeking members in future.  Keep up the good work.  Regards."


"Hello, I have had the most wonderful times utilising your website, from spain to poole, kendal to edinburgh."


"We are currently on an exchange in Arkansas, USA. During our travels and also at home, we have mentioned your website and hopefully some have taken up our links to the site to join. Thanks for introducing us to a whole new world. 

As one of our exchangers said " Adventure before dementia".


John & Jackie

"The great thing about swapping is that you can have a country mansion swapping with a simple town apartment and that's the agreement, just what each party fancies for a new experience. There is a lot of trust involved in home swapping and some people think we are crazy to entertain it but we have really enjoyed it all, even the not so perfect ones.

All the best "


Marylee and Chris

"Hi Brian
Just to let you know that i am back from an absolutely wonderful home exchange in Montreal.  It was absolutely everything a home exchange should be - we met our hosts at Montreal Airport on May 30 and I have just retuned from Heathrow having dropped them off for their return flight.  Three simultaneous weeks (more or less) plus an extra week in the UK for them.
My house (and theirs) was left in immaculate condition - we each had a wonderful time in each other's country and have parted as firm friends.  My (new) partner went with me - her first home exchange - and all she wants to know is where we are going next!



"I would certainly recommend this site. I have always found it to be so easy to manage and I appreciate your newsletters and quick response to enquiries."

"Great service and I had a very successful house swap."


"Hi, Brian and Catriona. I received your newsletter this morning (always with pleasure as it's both informative and well-written). You offer a great site and service, I will continue to mention you to friends and family who might be interested in exchanging, and wish you all the best for your continued success."


"We have just completed our first exchange in Cornwall (4weeks), terrible weather but a lovely experience and we are in the middle of our second exchange in Malta (4weeks). We were able to join these two exchanges together seamlessly. This has been a very enjoyable experience for us."


"Your website looks fantastic!  I recommend it to many people. Warm regards."


"Hi Brian,  Thanks again for all help with my uk trip in September. Met lovely swappers and hosts. Great holiday. Thanks"



"Just writing to let you know we have arranged an exchange in La Quinta USA in -"golfers' paradise"- we are just delighted with the outcome -and yes our success was due to your suggestion - that we write directly to members with homes of interest to us. Kind Regards"


"Hi Brian, I have found your site easy to use and I will definitely recommend it to others. I intend to put a photo on shortly of myself and husband together and I agree, it definitely makes the whole thing more personal and therefore secure. All the best with your site - home swapping really is a great idea."




"Thank you for your warm welcome to your great website, congratulations, it's such a wonderful idea!"


"I would also like to say that, as this is my first year with 50+, how successful it has been. We have done two exchanges, one in the UK and one in Canada, and greatly enjoyed both of them. I have also enquiries for next year from Australia, South Africa and Ireland!"



"I can't tell you how much I enjoy being part of your wonderful exchange - and look forward to the day when someone from England will come visit our lovely home in the countryside, outside of Seattle!
Kindest regards."

 "We only joined a year ago and have done three swaps already and all have been great. Regards"
"Everythings fine thanks. Your site is excellent and we've already arranged 3 exchanges.

"Hi Brian, We have three memberships and we can say that we find Home Exchange 50+ is the easiest for us to use as we can specify “non-simultaneous” and “car required” in our search which gives us useful results. We have found this year that quite a few people contacted have not bothered to reply but not from your members. Best regards"


 "Hi Brian, Thank you, hoping you are keeping well.  We have had some wonderful swaps from the site. Just returned from a lovely property in York, off to Edinburgh next week.  We cannot thank you enough for starting up such a great site, so much better than any of the ones we have been on before. Kind wishes"

Tracey and Paul
"You may wish to quote me on this. We joined xx.com 4 years ago primarily due to their membership numbers. Over the years we have made over a couple of hundred enquiries.
Totally unlike your HE over 50's I find it incredulous that over 90% of these requests are not even addressed by folk who have expressed an interest in our area or any similar destination. Especially so when they have a button to click on indicating 'no interest @ this time'
We have had much better response rate & communication from your site with nicer folk. Many thanks."

"We have just returned from Australia having satisfactory completed our first two home exchanges. One for 3 weeks in Robina. Gold Coast and one for 4 weeks in Bundaberg. On both occasions the homes and people we dealt with were brilliant and we would highly recommend your home exchange scheme to anyone. Where we encountered any minor hiccups, these were dealt with quickly and resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. In fact, our car needed attention whilst we were away and whilst it was dealt with under warranty, we were concerned it would not impact too much on our exchangers. We would strongly advise that issues such as house and car insurance / warrantees are detailed in the welcome pack to cover any unfortunate events. We are now looking to plan for our next exchange in 2014."


"My husband and I have just had a successful exchange for four weeks. Their home was very comfortable with a very welcome gift of wine, butter, bread, eggs etc available to us on our day of arrival. We would highly recommend this exchange, York is a beautiful part of England and we enjoyed our stay very much. Many thanks"


"HI Brian thank you for your email - I am very impressed with your website.  Over the years I looked at different sites but was never in a position to travel like I do now so there was no point before.  So when I googled Home Exchange I was excited to see yours now that I am over 50!! We are already discussing with a couple in Adelaide who want to come to Scotland next year which is good.

I will certainly email as many people as possible as I think your site is really excellent. With best wishes"


"We have just returned from our first exchange and have had a fantastic trip to Norway. We will definitely exchange again, it was so easy and even exchanging cars went smoothly. The owners of the house left us a bottle of wine and asked their friends to come around to see us, which was lovely as they ended up inviting us for a meal."


Hi Brian, Since I'm such an incompetent, do please help in changing my travel dates. I'd like to travel in late Spring, Summer and early Autumn either in the northern hemisphere or the southern one. The destinations can be to English, Spanish and French speaking countries. Thank you SO MUCH!

We had a wonderful time in Åustralia. This was indeed the first exchange we've ever made. The Gs came to our house in the desert and loved it because M is a golfer. They were here about 7 weeks and we had the happy opportunity to make their acquaintance. We showed them around a little and had them over to our house for lunch one day. We became fast friends and when it was time for us to go to Australia, we took some of their souvenirs with us, so their luggage wouldn't be so heavy. They also had the use of our car. We stayed in Australia for 3 weeks because we wanted to go to Argentina afterwards, but next time we hope to stay with the Aussies for a longer period of time. We are afraid to drive "British style", so we didn't use their car, and there was a very efficient public transport near by, so everything turned out very nice. Thank you so much for making this service available. We hope to visit the UK sometime when it's not so cold. Best wishes to you both.


"HI Brian  We have agreed a swap in Kandy and also another one in Adelaide (not until about 2015) but they will come to Scotland next summer. The site is great and I keep recommending it to different friends.
many thanks."


"Good evening Brian, It is morning in our own house for the first time in two and a half weeks .... We have just returned from The Gold Coast in Queensland where we had our first exchange, this with the objective of playing golf in the sunshine. Their house is palatial and beautifully furnished and equipped, and came with a 2012 Hyundai i-35 diesel RV - an excellent vehicle for loading golf gear. The weather was sensational : about 27 deg C under clear blue skies every day bar one, and that day we were travelling about. It could not have been better! Kind regards."


"Dear Brian, I have been meaning to write to you for ages but have been terribly busy with work.  We did a home exchange in Chicago in June and it was absolutely fantastic.  Everything worked out to a T both for us and for Mary, the lady we exchanged with.  Chicago is an amazing city and it was lovely to have all the home comforts and to be staying in such a posh and classy part of the city."


"I think you have a great site. I have looked at other home exchange websites, but I think your over 50 idea has cornered a niche."


"Fantastic site!!"


"I have found your site easy to use and I will definitely recommend it to others, home swapping really is a great idea."


"Very pleased with what you have done for us, we are delighted with the outcome."


"The response received so far has been rather overwhelming! You amaze me with the personal touch you manage to maintain with your members. Greetings from a very satisfied member."


"Just made contact with a lady in Derry and it is all go for this year. I have already recommended you to many people. Great site just love this opportunity to see the world. Thanks"