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About HomeExchange50plus

Brian and catriona

We created this Home Exchange website as we love travelling and swapping homes is a great way to do it. As we fit into the 50plus age range, we thought why not cater for this specific group?

We live in London but are Scottish, both having left Scotland many years ago, though returning often for holidays and family reunions, and, like many of you, we are "empty nesters".

Brian is a keen golfer, hence the golf section and Catriona, who isn't into golf, likes things cultural and historical, so we try and combine both for our holidays.

We hope you like our website and we look forward to you joining us. Please let us know what you think - good or bad. Email us with your thoughts and any suggestions about what you would like us to include, update or change.

Enjoy your travels.

Brian & Catriona Luckhurst